Stocking stuffers …

Today I got in a 10-miler in on a hilly trail run near home with a friend. Then I continued my online retail reconnaissance from a few days earlier.

This time I was on the look out for stock stuffers under $20.
Yes, GU, PowerGels and BodyGlide are always practical for us runners, but here are a few creative options, too:  

1. Magnets for marathon runners at Cafe Press: Marathon nutrition chart magnet and I run because …
(If you don’t like these, they have tons of other, too.)

2. An ornament for the diehard runner girl: “I know I run like a girl … try to keep up.”

3. For getting your caffeine buzz after the run: Running chick mug.

4. To feel and smell great post-shower, Bath & Body Works Warm vanilla body lotion.

5. I liked this pretty shade for camouflaging blackened toenails: Sally Hansen, Diamonds and Ruby nail polish shade.

6. This option lets you feel human again when you can’t get to a shower soon: Nathan Power Shower Wipes

7. These are great for racing in instead of long-sleeve T-shirts on cold days: Asics arm warmers

8. DeFeet makes cool socks with funky designs, from girly flowers to biker-chick skulls. These socks remind me of my days in New Mexico: DeFeet socks — chile pepper design

9. This clip-on flashlight is practical and fun: Spotlight, Title Nine

10. And always a a winner: an iTunes card to load up the play list on the iPod.

I hope this helps you and Santa. Have fun!


Aging is inevitable, but growing old is a choice. Lace up your shoes, and let’s go!

Mileage today: 10.25; Denver to Boston miles logged: 934.75; Miles left to go: 835.25

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