Revolt of the intestines

Me and my big mouth.

All that green talk yesterday manifested itself in a really upset tummy during my 20-miler today. (It did not help that I ate out last night and deviated from my normal long-run diet. I won’t make that mistake again.)

Then my poor running partner had to bail because she got a bad cold.

Somehow I finished despite the obstacles.

My workout was an A-to-B run, starting at a town near where I live and it finished at my house. I planned for it to be a Boston course simulation run — downhill at the beginning, rolling hills in the middle and flatter near the end.

Unfortunately, my stomach hurt almost the whole time, and I had to take two mandatory potty breaks where it wasn’t pretty. Surprisingly, though, my legs never gave out. There was several times I wanted to quit but I did not.

After six marathons I’ve learned this: adversity is part of the game. Before today’s long run I felt like Superman throughout the whole week. Then I got a dose of Kryptonite tossed my way. The best way to get rid of Kryptonite for me is to work past it and give it a kick back.

I plan to spend the rest of the day resting, catching up on some writing work, and nibbling on crackers or bread to get rid of this stomach yuck. The Dude just went out to buy me some much needed ginger ale. I hope it does the trick.

I’ve got one more 20-miler planned in my training. Then it’s taper time. I’m also working on some more Boston qualifier profiles. And the Boston or Botox T-shirt should be ready in a few more days.

I survived the revolt of the intestines. Just 36 days left until Boston …. woo-hoo!


Aging is inevitable, but growing old is a choice. Lace up your shoes, and let’s go!

Mileage today: 20; Denver to Boston miles logged: 1433;  Miles left to go: 337.

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