About “Run. Work. Live. Repeat.”

meAging isn’t for sissies, but celebrities can make it look easy with their frozen foreheads and state-of-the-art boobs.

That’s why I wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon — to kick the idea of aging in the butt.

Think of me of as the “Rudy” of bloggers. I do not claim to be the fastest or the strongest runner out there, but my heart is in it with every step.

I’m a writer, copywriter, runner, blogger, mother, wife, former newspaper journalist, RRCA-certified running coach, and Boston Marathon qualifier (California International Marathon, Dec. 6, 2009).

My first essay about qualifying for Boston and aging was published on Runnersworld.com, Other Voice Blog in July 2010: “Boston or Botox? Beating Midlife with 42 Kilometers for 42 Years.”

I ran the Boston Marathon on April 18, 2011 and since then I’ve completed my first ultra, the Bear Chase 50K in Colorado and I’m now a Marathon Maniac, too (#5918),

In my old life, before I began blogging about running I wrote about cutting-edge science, spy investigations and wildfires at The Los Alamos Monitor (Los Alamos, New Mexico), and I polished up other people’s words for The Rocky Mountain News.

That was a few years ago … Then I had a baby … not a lobotomy, although mothering and the sleep deprivation that comes with it can make you feel like you’ve had a lobotomy.

OK, so I had a couple of them … babies that is, not lobotomies.

Today I’m a busy mom raising two children, “Tarzan” and “Jane,” and I’m a working writer crafting my own destiny.

“Run. Work. Live. Repeat,” chronicles my journey to the starting line at Hopkinton, before, after, and since then.

This blog also shares the midlife triumphs of other women who’ve done it — qualified for Boston — in profiles I’ve written about them, and it chronicles my training as a runner and my everyday happenings as a mother runner.

What I believe you will find: Insights, humor, and inspiration.

Enough said. No wimping out now … it’s time to go for a run, folks.

“Aging is inevitable, but growing old is a choice. Lace up your shoes, and let’s go!”





4 thoughts on “About “Run. Work. Live. Repeat.”

    • Hi Cara,
      I hope you are doing well. I have been running but taking it easy overall since Tucson. How are you? I hope you are well and it’s great to hear from you!

    • Yes, I would be glad to fix this and I apologize. Do you by chance remember which post had it? I can go back and add attribution to it.

      Again, I apologize for the error.

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