The 12 Days of Christmas Track Workout

Each year the Quick Chicks (the lades I meet year-round for track workouts near my house) get together for Christmas. This year we did “The 12 Days of Christmas” track workout followed by breakfast at My Favorite Muffin.

Here’s how we burned off Christmas calories today before we visited and munched on yummy treats:

  • 1200 run around the track
  • 11 jumping jacks
  • 10 X 100 run around the track
  • 9 push-ups
  • 800 run around the track
  • 7 squats
  • 600 run around the track completed by jogging the curves and skipping the straight-aways
  • 5 leap-frogs
  • 400 run around the track
  • 3 sets of lunges on both legs
  • 2 sprints up and down the stairs
  • 1 plank held for 1 minute, plus 1 cartwheel
I also did a three-mile warm-up before everyone arrived to total five miles so far. I’m going to another runners’ holiday party tonight. It will start with a group run to view holiday lights in the neighborhood so I hope to get in a few more miles. (My children will be there, too, so I’ll see if it pans out.)

Skipping the straight-aways took more energy than I thought and I hope I’m not sore tomorrow.

Also I haven’t turned a cartwheel in years. I surprised myself when I could do it at all.

I love the spirit of our group and it was fun.

If you are having trouble with your workouts this holiday season I encourage you to break it up the way we did.

Only three days left until Christmas! 

I guess that means I have to repeat the stair sprints, plank and cartwheel tomorrow and the day after. 


Aging is inevitable, but growing old is a choice. Lace up your shoes, and let’s go!

Mileage today 5 (at track) plus 3 at jolly jog party; Denver to Boston miles logged: 977.7; Miles left to go: 792.3



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