First snow run and donkeys, too

Well, it finally snowed in Colorado, or “Cold-o-rado,” as I like to joke with the Dude, who breaks out a fleece the moment the temps crack below 70 degrees.

It was our first blast of the year out here in the ‘burbs. The ski areas are experiencing a record year.

Considering tomorrow is the last day of 2010 you won’t hear me complaining.

The snow initially felt like a shock to my system. Just a few days ago I wore shorts to run outside. By the time I ventured out today at about mid-morning the flakes were coming down steady and it was brrrrrr — chilly.

I met up with Katherine, a friend of mine from the Distance Divas, for a trail run and the snow pelted us no matter which direction we turned. I snapped a picture of the two of us on my new Droid phone to prove it.

Me and Katherine — she’s the PYT — pretty young thing on the right.

This was at the start of our run. I left the Droid in my car but later wished I’d brought it with me. (In a few paragraphs down you’ll learn why.)

We had one of those crazy winter runs where if you weren’t meeting someone else out there to do it, you’d bag it. Or at least, I would if it weren’t for Katherine.

It was hilly and slick at times and I definitely felt tired and winded from the track intervals I did indoors yesterday.

But it was also fun, made much more enjoyable by the easy conversation and light-hearted jokes.

At one intersection along the trail we came across a neighborhood that included horse properties. Katherine pointed out a poor, sweet little donkey along the side of the road that was trying to shield itself from the elements behind a shed.

“It’s too bad we don’t have a camera so I can take a picture of you next to the donkey for your blog,” she said. “We could ask the question, who’s the real jacka&@ out here today? Him or us?” 

She cracked me up and I wished I brought the Droid with me just for that photo-op.

Later on we came across some hearty hikers who high-fived us as we trudged past them, uphill, the snow still coming down.

I love runs like the one we had today — the kind you remember later because of the fun banter and company, and because you got through the crazy circumstances.

So to my friend Katherine, thanks for the run today. I know I would not have done that blustery one without your help.

And to the heavens above for finally sending us some white fluffy stuff and much needed precipitation, a double thanks.

I see this first snowfall as a good sign of things to come in the new year.

And I’m also thankful for donkeys in the snow, on and off the trails.


Aging is inevitable, but growing old is a choice. Lace up your shoes, and let’s go!

Mileage today: 9; Denver to Boston miles logged: 1024.5; miles left to go: 745.5.

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