Freeze tag

“Gotcha! You’re it!”

Tarzan loves to run just like I do. He and I often play freeze tag while I make dinner before the Dude comes home from work.  That’s what we did today.

We play in our kitchen and living room, which allows me to keep on eye on the stove. Tarzan gives me exemptions when I must check on a pot, chop vegetables or do the next step in a recipe.

This is one of our rituals — freeze tag while I cook, or clean, or sometimes even when I’m writing. It’s the only way I can get anything done with him around most of the time. Plus, the game serves as good informal sprint training. If I could bottle Tarzan’s energy for Boston I’d be set for life.

For the last week and a half he and Jane have been on spring break, which means our lives have been a virtual game of freeze tag — lots of quick starts and stops daily.

Today, for instance, we hit the Butterfly Pavilion in the morning, then they played with friends. We also ran errands such as going to Target and the hardware store for the upteenth time this week.

In addition to our usual chaos our basement is getting finished, which will create more space and comfort in our home. The project has been a crash course for me on picking out paint, tile and toilets. In the next few days I’ll add carpets to the list.

While the children have been home a lot I’ve had to squeeze my running in wherever I can, often at o’dark early. In the game of freeze tag that is my life I keep waiting for the pause to kick in so I can catch my breath. That never happens. I bounce from one project or need to the next.

Tag, you’re it. Time to take the kids to swimming or karate lessons.

Tag, time to write a post for this blog.

Tag, time to put out another weekly eBlast bulletin for the Columbines.

Tag, time to meet another writing deadline.

Tag, time to make dinner and clean up again.

Tag, time to put the children to bed.

Tag, time to catch up on laundry.

Tag, time to wake up, hit the gym, and run 8 more miles.

Tag, mom … you’re it.

The big question I have is: When is it someone else’s turn to be it??

I just hope when I get to Boston, I can tag somebody else and have enough energy when I need it, instead of being “it.”

Then maybe, just maybe, I can work on “freeze part” of the game a little bit and enjoy my accomplishment.

Aging is inevitable, but growing old is a choice. Lace up your shoes, and let’s go!

Mileage yesterday: 8; Denver to Boston miles logged: 1521.5; Miles left to go: 248.5


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