Thelma and Louise Plus 5 Kids

This post isn’t for the under-18 squeamish.

Inspired in part by friend, Katie Oglesby, who’s trying something new each day this month on her blog to celebrate turning 40, I said yes to my own “first” — traveleing to Santa Fe, New Mexico, with five children in tow.

Think of me, my friend Becky (from my earlier Boston or Botox post, “Iron Skillets”), our three boys, age 7 and two 5-year-olds, and our daughters, ages 9 and 2, as “Thelma and Louise Plus 5 Kids.”

Hopefully our ending will be better than theirs, although we received as many outlaw looks as Thelma and Louise at Maria’s New Mexican Restaurant last night when we arrived and fed our herd of urchins dinner last night.

Never mind that we and our children spent 6-plus hours in the car driving here from Denver, that did not matter here in the “City of Faith.”

Have I mentioned yet Santa Fe isn’t exactly a children-free town? Seriously, I don’t think I could have experienced more dirty looks from people if I cut line at the DMV when we hit the Trader Joe’s here for groceries or at Maria’s.

As we shopped here the aisles cleared faster than a whiff of month-old B.O. And yes, Maria’s a “kid-friendly” place, not some place hoyte-toyte ‘stablishment such as The Compound, Santa Cafe or Coyote Cafe.

I lived here for 11 years; only one, however, with a children and I had forgotten this about Santa Fe.

Artists are welcome here.

New Yorkers and Californians with money are welcome.

Those in diapers or who enjoy playing with Hot Wheels or DSI’s?  Well, perhaps, not so much.

When Becky asked me if I wanted to join her brood for a few days in a condo in the City Difficult, eerrr, I mean “City Different,” as we are all on fall break from school I jumped at the chance.

Santa Fe is a great place to visit and eat … but not necessarily the easiest place to make a living or raise a family, which is why my husband and I left here when Jane was 1 year old.

I lived here for more blissful, star-filled nights than I can count, but this trip I am experiencing Santa Fe as I never have before — from the perspecive of those under four-feet tall and barely house broken.

My husband’s uncle used to say, there are two ways to travel, first-class or with children.

The next few days will be Santa Fe steerage class.

Wish us all luck!!


Aging is inevitable, but growing old is a choice. Lace up your shoes, and let’s go!

Mileage yesterday: 10; Mileage since Boston: 693.3.

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