A run down memory lane, and arroyos, too

Tarzan and Jane, and I are back from four-day, three-night misadventure into the Land of Entrapment — oops, I mean, “Land of Enchantment.” We all came back, body parts intact and no jumping over a cliff’s edge (as far I know) Thelma and Louise-style, although we did our best to sufficiently scare the natives of those under four feet tall or still teething.

I’m exhausted from our six-hour-plus drive and then hosting a Columbines meetings tonight so this is just a quick note.

Tomorrow I plan to catch up on blogging and life as WiFi reception was iffy during our vacation. This photo, above, captures how beautiful running was while I was there. I ended up doing a 7-mile loop on the east and north side, in the historic district of Santa Fe — a shorter version of what my friend and old running buddy Suzanne G. called “Danica’s Run.” It is in essence the same route I took Hal Higdon on when he contacted the Santa Fe Striders years ago while visiting and asked for a local runner to show him the area.

My run in Santa Fe was at 7,000 feet altitude, and included plenty of dirt roads, rolling hills, passing by real adobe homes (not the newer “f-adobes” — fake adobes), shrubs and chamisas, barrio dogs, junk cars on blocks and equally weathered family compounds that have been around forever.

It was quintessential Santa Fe and I loved every moment of it.

I searched on the internet tonight for Eliza Gilkyson’s “Lights of Santa Fe” on YouTube to play for you but it’s not available. Here, however, is a clip from one of her other songs and my favorite lyrics from the “Lights of Santa Fe.”

“Santa Fe — City of Faith — I did my time in an honorable way,
Oh there is a candle lit for each dream that dies in the lights of Santa Fe.”

Whenever I hear Gilkyson’s voice (she used to live in Taos so I got to see her play in New Mexico when I lived there, too), she reminds of my own “honorable time” spent in the lights and shadows of Santa Fe.

Bueno bye  for now– more to come tomorrow.

Aging is inevitable, but growing old is a choice. Lace up your shoes, and let’s go!

Mileage yesterday: 7; Mileage since Boston: 700.3

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